Quality Department

The safety and quality of Da Vinci’s products is guaranteed, thanks to our Quality Department and their meticulous and rigorous testing regime. The quality department have their own internal laboratory and test kitchen for testing both raw ingredients and finished product daily. The quality department use the WIBIT (would I buy it) system and the traffic light system to determine final release of product.

Only after rigorous testing and checking is the product released to our customers. Da Vinci knows the origin of every single pack: production monitoring is computerized to effectively trace all products, both in and out of our plant. This same computerized system also controls our testing and the frequency of testing…. Any test not completed or not within parameters automatically alarms and emails ALL the quality team and management, all the way to the managing director.

You can be assured that Da Vinci manufactured products are safe and of the utmost quality. The quality department also welcomes feedback, so if you have something to tell us, whether good or not, please send us an email, we really appreciate your honest comments: Our email is: quality@davincifoods.com.au